Research Interests

  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Family Firm
  • Analyst Activity
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Dividend policy

Publications in refereed journals

  • Menkveld, A. J., Dreber, A., Holzmeister, F., Huber, J., Johannesson, M., Kirchler, M., Neusüss, S., Razen, M., Weitzel, U., …, Eugster, N., …, 2023, Non-Standard Errors, The Journal of Finance, forthcoming. Link WILEY Link SSRN Abstract
  • Eugster, N., Wang, Q., 2023, Large blockholders and stock price crash risk: An international study, Global Finance Journal, vol. 55, 100799. Link ScienceDirect Link SSRN Abstract
  • Eugster, N., Ducret, R., Isakov, D., Weisskopf, J.-P., 2022, Chasing dividends during the COVID-19 pandemic, International Review of Finance, vol. 22, 345-355. Link WILEY Link SSRN Abstract
  • Kharma, C., Eugster, N., 2021, Is Competition Beneficial? The Case of Exchange Traded Funds, International Review of Financial Analysis, 76, 101789. Link ScienceDirect Link SSRN Abstract
  • Eugster N., Isakov, D., 2019, Founding Family Ownership, Stock Market Returns, and Agency Problems, Journal of Banking & Finance, 107, 105600. Link ScienceDirect Link SSRN Abstract
  • Eugster N., 2019, Family Firms and Financial Analyst Activity, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 57, 101005. Link ScienceDirect Link SSRN Abstract

Case Studies

  • Eugster N., 2020, Sampling: How to construct a representative sample using Thomson Reuters Datastream, The Case Centre, case study 120-0050-1, teaching note 120-0050-8 Link
  • Eugster N., 2020, Financial Statements: How to deal with delays in reporting?, The Case Centre, case study 120-0016-1, teaching note 120-0016-8, media support 120-0016-4 Link
  • Eugster N., 2020, Company valuation through the peer comparison method, The Case Centre, case study 120-0009-1, teaching note 120-0009-8, media support 120-0009-4 Link
  • Beaupain R., Eugster N., 2019, Converting time series data from Thomson Reuters Datastream vertically using Excel, The Case Centre, case study 199-0044-1, teaching note 119-0044-8, teaching note supplement 119-0044-8B Link

Working Papers

  • Borsuk, M., Eugster, N., Klein, P.-O., Kowalewski, O., 2023, Family Ownership and Carbon Emissions Link SSRN
  • Chi, D., Chowdhury, H., Eugster, N., Zheng, J., 2022, Does linguistic complexity of annual reports affect corporate leasing decision? Link SSRN
  • Eugster, N., Kowalewski, O., Spiewanowski, P., 2022, Internal Governance Mechanisms and Corporate Misconduct Link SSRN
  • Ownership Structure and Mergers and Acquisitions Decisions: Do Family Firms Acquire Differently? Link SSRN
  • Ownership Structure, Analyst Following and Forecast Error: Are family firms different from others? Link SSRN
  • Ownership Structure and Stock Returns: Analysis of the impact of family shareholding Link SSRN
  • Revue de littérature sur la propriété et le contrôle des entreprises


  • Eugster, N., Isakov, D., 2019, Das Geheimnis der Familien-Konzerne, Handelszeitung (07.10.19) Link
  • Eugster, N., Isakov, D., 2019, Les raisons de la surperformance des entreprises familiales en Suisse, The Conversation (27.09.19) Link

Conferences and Seminars

  • 32nd European Financial Management Association (EFMA) Annual Meeting, Cardiff, United Kingdom (upcoming) *
  • Financial Management Association (FMA) European Conference, Aalborg, Denmark (upcoming) *
  • 39th French Finance Association Conference (AFFI), Bordeaux, France (upcoming) *
  • 12th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society (FEBS), Chania, Greece (upcoming) **
  • 13th Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference (FMCG) – virtual, Deakin Business School, Melbourne, Australia (upcoming) **
  • 2022 ICVG Conference: Governance in its institutional context, Melbourne, Australia *
  • 35th Australasian Finance & Banking Conference (AFBC), Sydney, Australia **
  • 12th FMA Asia/Pacific Conference (FMA), Melbourne, Australia *
  • 2022 New Zealand Finance Meeting (NZFM), Auckland, New-Zealand *
  • 11th FIRN Annual Conference, Hamilton Island, Australia
  • 8th Annual International Corporate Governance Society Conference (ICGS), Miami (FL), USA **
  • 7th Vietnam Symposium in Banking and Finance (VSBF), Hanoi, Vietnam *
  • 8th Corporate Finance Research Meeting, Adelaide, Australia
  • 38th French Finance Association Conference (AFFI), Université de Rennes 1 and Rennes School of Business, Saint-Malo, France **
  • 29th AEFIN Finance Forum, Santiago de Compostela, Spain **
  • The microstructure exchange series – virtual, Stockholm University, Sweden **
  • 37th French Finance Association Conference (AFFI) – virtual, Audencia Business School, Nantes, France *
  • Research Seminar, The University of Queensland, UQ Business School, St Lucia, Australia *
  • 11th Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference (FMCG) – virtual, La Trobe Business School, Melbourne, Australia *
  • Southwestern Finance Association Conference (SWFA), San Antonio (TX), USA*
  • 32nd Australasian Finance & Banking Conference (AFBC), Sydney, Australia*
  • Annual Meeting of the Financial Management Association International (FMA), New Orleans (LA), USA*
  • 6th Paris Financial Management Conference (PFMC), Paris, France*
  • Research Seminar, EHL, Lausanne, Switzerland*
  • Research Seminar, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand*
  • Research Seminar, IÉSEG, Lille, France*
  • Research Seminar, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble, France*
  • Eastern Finance Association Annual Meetings (EFA), Jacksonville (FL), USA*
  • 16ème Conférence Internationale de Gouvernance (CIG), Lausanne, Switzerland**
  • 34th French Finance Association Conference (AFFI), Valence, France**
  • Information Acquisition and Disclosure in Financial Markets, Washington (DC), USA
  • 1st Research Workshop on Family Business, Bethlehem (PA), USA
  • 5th Paris Financial Management Conference (PFMC), Paris, France**
  • Finance Seminar, University of Fribourg, Switzerland*
  • 19th Conference of the Swiss Society for financial market research (SGF), Zurich, Switzerland
  • 33rd French Finance Association Conference (AFFI), Liège, Belgium*
  • World Finance Conference (WFC), New York (NY), USA*
  • 12th European Financial Reporting, Fribourg, Switzerland
  • 18th Conference of the Swiss Society for financial market research (SGF), Zurich, Switzerland
  • 14ème Conférence Internationale de Gouvernance (CIG), Québec, Canada*
  • Family Firms in the Global Economy, Milan, Italy*
  • 28th Australasian Finance & Banking Conference (AFBC), Sydney, Australia*
  • 13ème Conférence Internationale de Gouvernance (CIG), Dijon, France*
  • World Finance & Banking Symposium (WFBS), Singapore, Singapore*
  • 27th Australasian Finance & Banking Conference (AFBC), Sydney, Australia*
  • 16th Conference of the Swiss Society for financial market research (SGF), Zurich, Switzerland
* indicates presentation of my research paper; ** indicates presentation by co-author(s)

Additional Information

Reviewer : Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Finance Research Letters, Australian Journal of Management
Discussant: CIG (2014), WFBS (2014), AFBC (2014), AFBC (2015), AFFI (2016), WFC (2016), PFMC (2018), AFBC (2019), SWFA (2020), FMCG (2021), AFFI (2021), VSBF (2022), FIRN (2022), NZFM (2022), FMA (2022), ICVG (2022)
Corrector: Exam of Swiss certified expert for accounting (2014, 2016)
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